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Jia Ting / Family


Horror thriller short film by Elaine Loh

The zombie apocalypse has happened - and ended. Containment of the virus is at ninety percent, and the people of the world have returned to normal life: work, school, family. Evelyn and Thomas are an average couple, struggling with the foibles of raising two young children. They also harbor a dangerous secret. We see exactly how far they are willing to go to keep their family together.

Writer/Director:  Elaine Loh

Producers:  Troy Price, Steve Whelan


Executive Producers: Kevin Sluder, Jennifer Sluder

Composer: David Stal

Cinematographer:  Troy Price

Editor: Ryan R. Wolfe

Production Designer:  Arnella Barbara

Cast: Elaine Loh (Evelyn), Tyler Wolfe (Thomas), Riley Go (Ronnie), Noshir Dalal (Delivery Man), Danette Wilson (Private Mercado), Tom Katsis (Dr. Kattan), Tristan Heil (Milton)


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