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Kevin Sluder


Jennifer Sluder


Kevin is quickly making a name for himself writing award winning projects people want to be involved with and fostering a supportive environment for making unique films.  He enjoys telling compelling stories by implementing creative structure within a strong visual blueprint.  

A graduate of the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill with a degree in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures, Kevin began his career as Director of Development with Esperanza Productions. While there, he marketed/developed projects by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Jose Rivera (The Motorcycle DiariesOn the Road) and Oxford Literary Award winning novelist Donald Harington (With), among others.

Soon after, he began screenwriting full-time, specializing in medium-budget sci-fi and low-budget horror. A Nicholl Fellowship Semi-finalist and two-time Script Pipeline top 20 finalist, Kevin received a Tracking-Board “Recommend” for his script, The Memory Sphere, in 2014. He subsequently placed on the Young and Hungry List, naming him as one of the industry’s top 100 “Screenwriters on the Verge”.

In 2015, Kevin founded Sunshine Boy Productions and wrote/produced his first short film, Play Violet for Me.  Demonstrating his commitment to “Letting the Artist Shine”, Kevin has continued to Executive Produce short films by up and coming directors  – Feeding Time (horror)  written/directed by Matt Mercer, Mainline (sci-i/thriller)  written/directed by Eric Kleifield, Family (drama/horror)  written/directed by Elaine Loh and Gaia, written/directed by Gustavo Sampaio.  In 2017, Kevin stepped behind the camera for his directorial debut, the award-winning horror short, Heartless, which played over 40 film festivals world-wide.  He is aiming to make his feature directorial debut with his neo-noir horror script, Kiss Me Before You Go, in 2020.


Jennifer attended college and medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she graduated with a BA in Chemistry and Doctor of Medicine.

What began as a love of the cinematic art form during Jennifer’s undergrad years at UNC has become a full-fledged passion as Director of Marketing for Sunshine Boy Productions.  Jennifer got her first taste of the thrill of marketing when she successfully created the Kids on the Run 5K for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, fostering a growing community dedicated to fighting childhood obesity.  During that time she held three faculty teaching positions at the University of Southern California, the University of California Los Angeles and California State University Long Beach.  

Currently a partner physician at Kaiser Permanente – Long Beach, Jennifer enjoys her thriving Pediatric practice.  She loves learning and is thrilled to be the driving force behind the continually evolving media presence of Sunshine Boy Productions.  She has since expanded her skill set into web design and served as Executive Producer with Kevin on four short films, Feeding Time, Mainline, Family and Heartless.  She is looking forward to taking on new challenges as the company continues to expand. 


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