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"Highly Recommend"

"Heartless is a tightly-wound and compact gem, with strong performances, a strong sense of tone and plenty of wonderfully bloody gore effects.” – Michael Klug, Horror Freak News


“… an intelligently-executed, visually stunning piece of horror…”

“(Heartless) would most certainly be applauded by Poe himself and fans of intelligent horror as a whole.” – Wess Haubrich, The 405

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"...the FX team really had a chance to go to town with some messy gore."

On Heartless: "...a performance from Stacy Snyder that flows from moments of manic reaction that dissolve into her reveling in malevolent contentment." - Bryan Christopher, Rue Morgue

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"… one of the best short horror films we have seen.”

Heartless of the best short horror films we have seen. It breaks through the barriers of what is possible to accomplish in a short film, and really goes the extra mile to set an example of a film that filmmakers should all strive to make.” --  Midnight Horror Show

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"[Kevin's] first time helming a project...he nailed it!"

On Heartless: "Director Kevin Sluder does a solid job of showcasing his ideas and his story-telling prowess..." -- John's Horror Corner

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"It’s a clever, modern-day adaptation of a classic story with a strong female lead and a punk rock attitude.

"“Heartless” as a whole is tight, coherent, and of solid production quality that is both socially relevant and aesthetically pleasing. And really, really fun." - Remy Cashman,

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"… a gruesome good time.”

On Heartless: “… great independent filmmaking, with just the right amount of blood, gore, and body parts to please its viewers.”  “...“This original adaptation...will entertain any fans of the genre who enjoy some good (and gory) twists and turns.” --  Abigail Braman, Nightmarish Conjurings

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Heartless is a relevant short film with classic inspiration that many viewers will enjoy.”

“… a dark and funny horror short highlighting what it is like for a woman in a male-dominated business world.” -- Molly Henry, The Blogging Banshee


“… this retelling of Poe’s Tell Tale Heart left me thirsty for more.”

On Heartless: “…the kind of spectacle we all find appealing after a long day at the office or slaughterhouse.”  "Director Kevin Sluder sure knows how to shoot a good bloodletting.  Lots of screaming, gouging and slashing...”  -- Paul Parcellin, Film Threat

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"... a giddily gruesome updating of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.

 On Heartless: "Sluder has crafted this Poe retelling with grisly set pieces, wicked attack sequences, and some darkly comic moments. Though the basis for Heartless is a well-known story, this version of it feels fresh and holds plenty of unpredictable jolts" - Joseph Perry, Ghasthly Grinning


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Ready Steady Cut Interview -- Daniel Hart 3/27/18

Kevin and Jennifer discuss women and diversity in film, working together as a married couple, challenges of a directorial debut, Edgar Allan Poe, and strong female leads


Popcorn Horror Interview -- Cara Clark

EP/Writer/DIr. Kevin Sluder discusses the challenge of adapting Edgar Allan Poe

City Pulse Interview  on Capital City FF -- Skylar Ashley

Kevin Sluder on the camaraderie built on an independant film set and the way film festivals help spread the word for indie filmmakers 


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