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Horror short film by Matt Mercer

Feeding Time had a great festival run with 36 screenings at 28 festivals world wide with 9 nominations and 8 awards won.

Upon getting a text from her friend Melanie, Sasha (Stacy Snyder) agrees to fill in for her on a babysitting job. After meeting the eccentric parents of the infant (Graham Skipper and Najarra Townsend), Sasha settles in for the night in the enormous, old craftsman house. At first distracted by her millennial infatuation with her phone (and boyfriend), Sasha is soon drawn into an ever-escalating series of clues that something might not be right with this babysitting situation. When she decides to explore the old dark house and check on the baby, it’s worse than she imagined – she’s in mortal danger.


Writer/Director: Matt Mercer 

Producers: Rachel Ferrell, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Matt Mercer

Executive Producers: Kevin Sluder, Jennifer Sluder

Composer: Steve Moore

Cinematographer: Patrick McGinley

Editor: Matt Mercer

Production Designer: Rachel Ferrell

Cast:  Stacy Snyder (Sasha).  Graham Skipper (Dale),  Najarra Townsend (Vicki)

Poster by: Rachel Ferrell


Rubric Pictures and Constellation Films in association with Sunshine Boy Productions

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BHFF 2017 Review: "Feeding Time" never tasted so good

"Feeding Time was pure fun and absolute insanity..." Tori Danielle,


"...a 12 minute horror delight." "A hoot of a fun time...lovely call back to 80s horror..." -- Michael Klug, Horror Freak News


"...perfectly captures everything we love about 80s horror." -- Jon Dickinson, Scream Horror Magazine

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"THE best short of 2016."-- Frightmares on Celluloid

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"make sure to check out this masterpiece." -- Nicolas Ferwerda, Time 2 Kill


Geek to Geek by Alyssa White: I'm joined by Kevin and Jennifer Sluder, founders of Sunshine Boy Productions! Their company has produced fantastic short films such as Feeding Time, Play Violet for Me, Heartless (Kevin's directorial debut), and Mainline. Check out their short films! Follow them!

Interview with B Movie Bros, Kevin and Jennifer Sluder


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